U.S. Peace Worldwide Ambassador Sarah Syed's Continued Works in Community

Peace Worldwide U.S. Ambassador - Sarah Syed 



Community Organizing to Ensure Vitality for People of Asian Descent FREE from Barriers to Access

Community Organizing to Protect Black, Indigenous, People of Color from COVID-19

Facilitating Field Healthcare Resources for Women, Children, and Infants at Refugee and Displacement Camps

Providing Field Medical Missions to Rescue and Build Capacity for Refugee and Displacement Camps

Providing Healthcare Delivery to People with Sudanese Descent

Providing Field Dental Care and Translation for Refugee and Displacement Camps

Providing Field Healthcare, Education, and Community Development to Underserved Communities

House of Charity 2008 - Current

Providing Fire and Burn Safety Prevention, and Surgical Treatment for People with Burn Deformities.

Helping Hands 2017 - Current

Providing Resources for Individuals and Families in Need; Fundraising for Refugees Yearly to Send Supplies

Providing Frontline Medical Care to People with Syrian Descent

Providing Medical Missions and International Emergency Disaster Relief